Warner Robins Aquanauts Swim Lesson program invites first time swimmers and those wanting to improve on strokes and technique to take part in our learn to swim program.

Sessions are taught throughout the year to children 4 years- 15

Each session is made up of eight (8) classes which usually run Monday through Thursday for two weeks.

Cost per session is usually $80. Payment is due before the student swimmer enters the water.

Students are evaluated the first day of class and put into the appropriate class level- no more than 5 children per instructor

For more information, please email

Swim Lessons

Fall class schedule will be open for registration Aug 24 @ 8:00am

​Class times will be: 6:00-6:30 pm & 7:15- 7:45 pm

Please plan carefully- no refunds. No make-up classes.



                2016 Sessions Information                  
Date Time  Cost 
DATES: Class Times:  




Year Round Eve Class Times 6:00pm & 7:15

Summer Day Class Times 9:30,10:10,10:50,11:30

For registration, date, and available times click

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Welcome to WRA Swim Lessons- Instructions for the first day of class:

  • Swimmers will need swim suites and a towel-goggles are optional
  • Winter Lessons or when the bubble is up: Enter the bubble and wait on the West side or to the left of the pool-no chairs seating is provided.

  • Summer: Please wait under the awning (bring a chair), team practices and other sessions may be finishing up.
  • The instructors will come gather the swimmers for their lessons when it is time for your session to start.
  • Send your swimmer off with a hug and tell them where you will be.
  • Parents please stay seated under the awning at the tables or in your chairs while the lessons are in session as to not distract from instructors ability to keep swimmer's attention.


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